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All our Core Subjects are taught by recognised and qualified Bible College lecturers and professors. The seminars are taught by proven experts in relevant areas of ministry.

Our curriculum consists of core subjects and seminars.


Core Subjects :

Duration of 12 weeks, with online classes (accessible 24 hours), assignments and reading materials .During two training days there will be a live interaction for the group by Skype with the professor.


Subjects may be taken for audit or certification. If you register to audit a class this will allow you to take the course but there will be no coursework or assignment, although the optional reading material will be encouraged.


Seminars:   Friday evenings - Saturday afternoon or a whole day Saturday consisting of classes of specialised teachings by ministry experts.


 If you intend to graduate by taking certificated classes, you must complete the core subjects and attend the seminars. Students who only audit courses will not be considered to have graduated and in the future, this may affect your entitlement to gain a Ministerial Licence within Foursquare GB. 

Core Subjects

Bible Survey

Life of Christ


Bible Prophecy (Daniel/Revelation)


Kingdom of God/Biblical Theology

Systematic Theology 1 & 2 (Worship, Prayer, Pneumatology/spiritual warfare/divine healing; bibliology; ecclesiology)

Biblical Leadership (including discovering your spiritual gifting and calling)

The Leader’s Personal & Relational Health

Introduction to Church History & Church History of the UK

Course Dates

The Bridge

Pure Love

Core Values


Conflict Resolution

Marriage & Family Life

Hearing God

Spiritual Disciplines

Stewardship Management

Time Management, Burnout & Rest

People Skills and Leading a Council 

Systematic Theology




-Spiritual warfare

-Divine healing



Taught by Gary Matsdorf


Term Dates : September to December 2018




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