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About FLI


The Foursquare Leadership Institute is the training and equipping ministry of the Foursquare Family of Great Britain. Our focus is to raise up quality Christian leaders in the local church who have answered the call of  God and strengthen current leaders.


The average individual's life has become busy and challenging. Our desire is that students can fit the training into their schedules, however they choose to do it


In our Institute, we emphasise spiritual and character formation, lifelong learning and academic excellence, plus the highest level of spiritual devotion. We believe that there are thousands of people, young and old, who have heard the call of God across Great Britain and we are convinced that the Foursquare Leadership Institute is well placed and ready to receive and equip them for Spirit-empowered, Bible-based service in the Foursquare Church and the wider Church of Jesus Christ.

The Foursquare Leadership Institute was established with the partnership, consultation and ongoing support of Gary Matsdorf (Ministry Leadership Director, New Hope Christian College, Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A) and the Core Subjects are being made available by New Hope Christian College. 


  Please look around, check out our core subjects and seminars, costs, delivery mechanism and register to join. 

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