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Training a New Generation of Leaders



Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Foursquare Great Britain Leadership Institute website. We hope that it highlights the training opportunities available to help train and equip a new generation of leaders and the ongoing education of the seasoned beleiver.
Please feel free to read more about our Institute on this site, or contact us for more information. 

Our Mission


The aim of the Foursquare Leadership Institute is to help equip the local church fulfill the call of the Great Commission.


We look forward to a fruitful partnership with the local church in helping it achieve its God-given vision in training its members. 

Events / Calendar 


Next Seminar - Church Planting by Ralph Moore

Next Core Module : September 2019



News !!!!


We are now Global Foursquare Certified Institute!

Student Registrations are open now.

Teach young leaders to think well and think biblically @Gary Matsdorf

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